"Vision is the Ability to See the Potential in what others Overlook." Rick Warren

Our Visionaries Membership is for those of you that are wanting to create an Absolutely Incredible Life!!! 

Now You Can Clear Any and All Mental and Emotional Blocks that have been Stopping you from Feeling Happy and On Fire👏 

Instantly Clear Your Mental & Emotional Blocks

We make sure you have all of the Coaching and SRT Clearing Support you could ever ask for! You can hop on once a week or hop on all the calls with our SRT Certified Practitioners to help you instantly clear those negative blocks that have been stopping you and causing you unnecessary pain and stress. Get your Negative Ball of Energy Smaller and Get Your Positive Ball of Energy Bigger.💛

SRT Energy Clearing - Clear Blocks on Specific Topics - LIVE Calls Schedule💜

SRT Energy Clearing for Releasing Weight 
-Tuesdays at 8pm EST with Coaches Michelley and Michelle G
-Thursdays at 11am EST with Coach Judy
SRT Energy Clearing for Manifesting Your Soul Mate
-Wednesdays at 3pm EST with Coaches Katy and Gina (Singles Only)
-Sundays at 9pm EST with Coach Dianne (Singles Only)
SRT Energy Clearing for Creating a Great Marriage
-Tuesdays at 11am EST with Coach Stephanie (Couples Only)
-Wednesdays at 6pm EST with Coaches Patrick and Adriana (Couples Only)
SRT Energy Clearing for Healing Your Body
-Thursdays at 7pm EST with Coach Gina
-Sundays at 10am EST with Coaches Han and Cornelia
SRT Energy Clearing for Strong Relationship/Connection with God
-Mondays at 3pm EST with Coaches Melissa and Lisa A
-Wednesdays at 9am EST with Coaches Alicia and Maria
SRT Energy Clearing for Releasing Past Traumas and Abuse
-Wednesdays at 9pm EST with Coach Emma and Coach Destiny
-Fridays at 11am EST with Coach Ruth
SRT Energy Clearing for Releasing Money Blocks
-Thursdays at 6:30am EST with Coach Cornelia
-Thursdays at 10am EST with Coach Heather

SRT Energy Clearing - OPEN Topics - LIVE Calls Schedule🙌

-Mondays at noon EST with Coaches Juanita and Judy 
-Mondays at 5pm EST with Coach Leilani (2 Hours)
-Tuesdays at 3pm EST with Coaches Adriana, Michelle G, and Maria in Español
-Tuesdays at 6:30pm EST with Coaches Stephanie and Dianne
-Wednesdays at 10am EST BONUS Positive Fill-Ups with Coach Judy
-Wednesdays at 11am EST with Coaches Heather, Patrick, and Katy-
-Wednesdays at 1pm EST with Coach Ruth
-Wednesdays at 8pm EST with Coach Michelle
-Thursdays at 12pm EST with Coaches Michelle and Ruth
-Fridays at 1pm EST with Coach Alicia
-Saturdays at 10am EST with Coaches Mary and Jennifer
-Sundays at 9am EST with Coach Lian

SRT Energy Clearing and Support from all of our Coaches and Practitioners for ONLY $37/mo💛💛💛(No Contracts)

Have a Blast and make Life long Friends at one of our Upcoming In-Person Visionaries Vacation Retreats🤗

Be a part of our Private Facebook Community and get Encouragement and Support from other Members and from our SRT Coaches and Instructors💚

Get Law of Attraction and Goals Coaching 
with Coach Mac Grant (Co-Founder) every Monday Night! 

Discover the Greatest Secret with Nathaniel Brown 💙

Just Imagine How Great You will Feel if You Commit and Attend this Class every Day (Monday-Friday) for the next 90 days! Join Lisa for Memory Replacement Mondays, Leveraging Wednesdays, and Future Pacing Fridays👏 Total Game Changer and Totally fun...while you are Quantum Leaping Your Results and Setting a New Benchmark for your 
Energetic State💛💛💛

Become the Master of Your Universe in our Science of Getting Rich Course...plus Attend our weekly LIVE Classes to Clear Your Money Blocks and Get Coaching on Your Wealth Goals!

Join TODAY and Transform Your Life Forever💛


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We believe each person needs to take full personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and amount of effort they put in to their training...therefore we have a no refund policy. Please reach out if you need help or guidance with any of the training. We also believe that all forms of healing can be beneficial and would recommend using SRT in correlation with your Doctor’s or Mental Health Professional’s recommendations. We are so excited for your transformation and for all of the Lives You are going to Positively Impact 💛💛💛